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We’re taking a vacation from our vacation!

…onward, to Gili Meno, one of the Three Gems of Lombok.

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Actually this will be the second vacation from our vacation this month! Last week, it was Singapore for 3 days. We stayed in a big hotel right on the river, far far away from roosters and screaming children at 7am. We slept in and drank champagne, which we found at the tech mall! How fitting. We were shopping for a computer for Mike and low and behold: a wine bar! That’s our luck – go to shop for a computer, come out with 2 bottles of champagne. Of course we had to drink them both in one sitting, quite a feat considering we haven’t drank but a beer or two with dinner in the last 2 months. I was still hung over 2 days later when we flew back to Bali. Also during our stay in Singapore, we rode the Singapore Flyer, which is the largest Ferris wheel in the world! It was a fantastic view, and thankfully it didn’t go very fast, cuz I think I would’ve vomited….uuuugggggh, hang overs! Singapore is quite a metro town – the shopping centers are HUGE and you can find anything you want. They have a mall dedicated to electronics, one to home entertainment systems, one to makeup/perfume, one to clothes etc…it was slightly nightmarish in that I’m not a big shopper, but it was nice to know we could find the things we wanted while we were there.

We had sushi both nights while we were there. Two sushi restaurants flanked the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel where we were staying, so we tried them both. They were both fantastic, but our stomachs aren’t used to eating such rich foods, so we were both a bit green after dinner both nights.


Breakfast and lunch were anticlimactic and barely edible – we actually left two plates of “food” virtually untouched at breakfast the third day. We ate at the mall housing Cartier and MAC makeup, so we thought it would be safe…but no. The eggs were an unnatural color of yellow and tasted of plastic, and the sausages were white white white (made of so-called chicken, I assume) and tasted of bandaids. You know you’ve tasted one! Maybe when you were a kid? Anyway, it was a breakfast straight out of the microwave, for sure. Even the coffee tasted unnatural…we were soooo outta there!

Now back in Bali, we’ve enjoyed 4 days out kiting. You should see me!!! OMG it’s the most funnest fun thing ever. I’ve not only stopped (for the most part) doing my famous KimPlant, where I hit the water with my face so hard that water goes into my eyes and out my ears, but I’ve also started going upwind! Going upwind requires that you are able to think about your body position while you’re hauling ass across the ocean. Previously, I’ve been trying to not burst with adrenaline, but I’m getting more and more skill and confidence out there, and am able to think about my positioning. You have to pull your toes up and lean back onto your harness against the kite, which causes the back edge of your board to cut into the water and you start heading out to sea, across the wind instead of straight downwind. Yesterday, the 24th we got some great video footage from the kitecam and also from the beach.


I think one of the best things about kiting here is that while you’re lugging your gear down to the beach, no one bugs you for “massage? Transport? Manicure?” Whole herds of Balinese women wait for tourists to walk by so they can follow them down the beach path and bug the crap out of them to buy more crap like what they’ve already got. “Sarong like the one you wear?” Why the hell would I want a sarong just like the one I already have? So that doesn’t happen to me when I’m carrying my kiting gear, but without it, they’re on you like shit on flies. Or like shit on…wait….aw hell, now how does that go? Oh yeah, like stink on shit! (Did I just have a Peter moment? …there was a kitchen sink in there somewhere wasn’t there? Did I mention I miss my friend Peter? He is a funny, funny man.)

So I started to say, we’re planning a vacation! Our destination: Gili Meno, Lombok. It’s a teency weency island just off the northwestern coast of Lombok, which is east of Bali. The Island Express will be shuttling us across the choppy Indian Ocean for about an hour to reach Gili Trawangan, another of the three islands. From there we’ll have to find a raft or slow moving whale to climb aboard to get to Gili Meno. Walking around the island takes approximately 1 hour, to give you an idea of the size of this place…we’re hoping to escape the rooster who darkens our door day and night. As I’m typing, it’s 5pm, and he’s still cock-a-doodle-do-ing! Here he is:


I've no idea if there will be any wind on Meno because of it's location...I'll keep you posted! We’ll be there for 5 nights, and then back to Bali to climb a volcano and do more kiting – more on that another time. Oh yea...and I got a new bathing suit!
And here's me with 4 miiiiiiillion Ruipah (cue sinister laugh)!
And a couple pics of when Mike and I went horseback riding...when I posted that blog, our connection was too slow to handle photos.

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Good to hear that your having a fun time. Aaron asked me about you yesterday...told him that I hadn't heard anything for a week or more, but that I was 'sure you were having a great time'! And right I was...enjoy your vacation from the vacation!!

by Khandilee

looking pretty good there on the board, Kim!!! The concentration and determination in those eyes....

Nice job!!!

p.s. I think that horse has really BIG ankles!!



by phantastic

can you post the kiting video? It is hard to tell from the photo whether you are seriously not about to crash your face into the water again.... I have to say I'm quite jealous of your vacation from your vacation.

by ben_jammin

haha you're funny Kim, at least the water went through your ears better than swallowing it...... :-P

by xcoldsunx

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