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Kiting so much my hands don’t work anymore!

…or maybe it’s the yoga?

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Seriously, last week was freakin’ awesome. We kited 4 days out of 7, with 3 of those days being epic, the 4th had up and down wind, but it was still fun hangin on the beach with the all the kiters. One day as we finished our 4-hour session, we got ready to roll the kites up to put them away. We have a system where one of us holds one wing tip while the other pops the inflatable, leading edge and runs out to the other wing tip and pulls it tight, so that the kite doesn’t hit the sand. (Well, maybe a little!) Then we quickly start to roll the kite inward toward the center, popping the inflatable struts as we get to them, thus, avoiding getting a ton of sand and shit in your kite. This must be a quick process for 2 reasons. First, if you go slowly, you run the risk of a gust of wind catching the kite and dragging you both across the sand. Second, my hands wear out quickly with all the hard gripping and rolling motion involved as the air in the kite is pushing back, mostly after a long session on the water. I got just past the second strut (there are 7 struts on the kite we were rolling up), and suddenly my hands just couldn’t grip the kite anymore! I stood there trying to hold the kite up off the sand, and hold tight so Mike could at least pull against me to take up the slack, but the more he pulled, the more my hands gave out. I was busting with laughter, and doubled over my partially-rolled end to avoid dropping it all together. I had it pinned between my thighs and my chest, just standing there laughing my ass off. “They won’t work! They just won’t work anymore!” I must have looked completely ridiculous…my hands were just hanging there like dead sticks…lifeless. Some how, they sprang to action in a final burst of strength and I was able to finish rolling my end, just as they gave out again. Guess I’ve got a death grip on the bar while I’m out on the water…I should knock that off! I suppose that comes with experience and more skill.

The days off kiting are tough…I’m now struggling to find things to do out here, with the exception of Monday – we took our final available tour (reclining Buddha, Cham Towers, Phan Thiet Market, Dragon fruit farm). It’s really a small town/village type area, and we’ve now done all the charter tours you can do, visited the hospital, rented bikes, etc etc…I’m kind of feeling like I’m ready for more action elsewhere. I think the language barrier has a lot to do with that. For instance, we have been going to Before & Now (fantastic home made pasta, Italian style) 3-5 times per week, and are quite friendly with the girl who runs the place, though I still don’t know her name. It was her birthday the other night when we were in there, and I really wanted to talk to her on the level you talk to your friends on their special day…but it was impossible. I’m not sure why really, but I almost cried as we sat there, struggling to understand each other. It’s frustrating. I find Vietnamese exceedingly difficult to learn. Some of the sounds they make, I can’t even begin to make…even saying hello is a challenge. In one area of town it’s pronounced ‘dow’ and in the other it’s pronounced ‘jow’. It would be fantastic to have a translator to take with me for a day to talk to people, ask questions, and share conversation.

I’ve been doing yoga on most of the days we’ve had off from kiting…another activity that requires hand/arm strength. I’ve downloaded several Power Yoga and Baptiste style yoga podcasts from iTunes, and they’re pretty good. Thanks to Mike’s Mom, who made me a travel bag for my yoga mat, I’ve been able to carry my mat with me wherever I want to do yoga. I sometimes carry it down to the lounge area outside WAX Bar and do yoga while gazing out over the rolling sea. It’s quite lovely, though practicing yoga in front of people who are not also practicing yoga at the same time is something new and unusual. It’s another level of meditation I suppose, to really focus internally, with no one else to model or watch for pointers on your own posture, meanwhile, I can’t help but take note of the fact that there are other people walking around, and sitting nearby (drinking BEER, those bastards!). Which reminds me…after yoga, I always crave sushi (maybe from my days of Bikram yoga with Carl & Collin? Hugs, guys), and broccoli. Since the sushi we’ve had here is mediocre and the broccoli has pulled a Houdini act and has escaped all dishes here in Vietnam, I’m now craving beer. Weird, I know, but it’s really refreshing after a tough hour and a half on the mat, and it feeds into that yummy yoga high that I always get…I love EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! People, I’m not joking…I buzz after yoga.

In other news, I’m officially a Battlestar Galactica junkie. I’ve watched into the middle of the 3rd season, and I NEED to know: WHO ARE THE FINAL 5 CYLONS???!!! For those of you who know, I’ll give a million dong to the first person who tells me! …..ok ok…..don’t tell me. It’s a really well-written show, if you’re interested!

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