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Friday, June 13, 2008

"Why yes, bugs and muesli happen to be my favorite breakfast food."

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Let me start by saying, I’m a bit disillusioned today. After our first two sun-soaked days here at Mui Ne Beach, the sun has left us.

I’ll start at the beginning. Mike and I took a 5-hour bus ride to get here. Yea, 5 HOURS on a bus…that’s what I was saying to myself too. When the bus arrived at Madame Cuc’s Hotel 64 in Saigon at 8am on Sunday last to pick us up, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a “special sleeping bus”. It has only about 24 seats, all of which are like a barco lounger. You climb into your seat and recline back, or lie flat the entire way. And it’s air-conditioned!!! So we cruised across Vietnam to the beach in style.

We arrived at a hotel arranged by the girl at the front desk at the previous hotel, and were swept into our room. We got the cheap room with no AC, so by the time we got our bags inside, we were ready to get into the water! We took a quick wade in the ocean followed by lunch. A plate of swordfish, a little overcooked and dry, and a noodle plate with some shrimp, plus a couple freshly squeezed juice drinks. Afterwards, we went to the room to relax a bit and possibly take a nap. It’s tough work sitting on a bus reading and listening to music for 5 hours. =)

About 10 minutes after we lay down on the bed, the fan stopped working. And the room became like an oven. We sat there trying to figure out what to do, when I noticed a shadow go across the ceiling, which was made of thin corrugated plastic. (Over that roof was another, thatched roof.) I thought it was just a bird, but then I heard the clickety clack of tiny little toenails as several huge rats made their way across the roof again…they had a nest up there! Stunned into silence and sweating like a whore in church, I lay there frozen. Just then, I heard ‘scamper scamper, clicking of toenails, and a loud THUD and a SQUEEK!’ One of the rats had gotten into a skirmish with one of the other rats, and had fallen off the roof and into our bathroom. We were suddenly and surprisingly galvanized – we hurriedly packed our bags back up and checked out of what will forever be known as “The Rat Motel”.

We walked down the road to find another hotel, and came across a sign that said “70% off rooms”…we checked it out, and that’s where we continue to call home, at the Windchamps Resort and Kiting School. Sunday and Monday were windy, sunny, and hot, but we decided to catch some rays and rest a bit from our harrowing horizontal journey from Saigon instead of doing what we came here to do: KITE!

As our luck would have it (Baja Revisited?), there’s been no wind since then, and it’s now Friday. To add insult to injury (there have been injuries…more on that later) it’s been pissing down with rain since then, with a brief break yesterday, but no sun. Today it’s a little better, and the sun actually just came out. The whole time it’s been humid as hell though.

We actually pumped up our kites yesterday and got all our gear on as the wind was pretty good, but still no sun. Just as we tried to launch my kite, the wind died. Boo hoo! So we made the best of it and played in the water. Like most beaches around the world, there are lots of dogs here. One such beast trotted up to my kite like he owned the place and promptly proceeded to lift his leg on it! “Oh hell no!” I shouted and ran toward the mongrel. He only got a little squirt out. Lucky for me there was just enough wind to blow the piss onto the sand instead of landing on my kite. “Little bastard!” Mike’s kite was down wind a bit, which is exactly where the dog headed next. I thought surely he’ll realize that I’m watching and won’t make the attempt. I followed him just incase. Sure enough, he lifted his leg again!!!! This time I was much closer to him, so I sprinted across the sand and just as I came up behind him, I kicked the sand (full of lots of shards of shells) right at his boy-dog bits. He yelped and jumped about 4 feet in the air. “I hope you don’t sit down for a week!” I win – two to nothin’.

Last night we went to a more expensive restaurant than we’ve been frequenting to see if the food is any better – it’s mostly been crap. Not even OK, just crap! This place was no exception. We were greeted twice, first by the wait staff, who seated us near a 2-foot retainer wall, and second, by the biggest rat I’ve ever seen, who seated us again, at a table far away from whatever dead thing it was trying to eat on the other side of the wall. We were dressed in jeans and hoodies, not because it was chilly, but because we’re being eaten alive by mosquitoes in the night as we sleep (the aforementioned injuries!), despite our mosquito net! So we told the waiter we were moving to be in front of the fan…stupid Americans and their weather-inappropriate clothing!

The food came and seriously it was nothing noteworthy…we thought the fish would be incredibly fresh because this place is ON the water, but that’s been bad too. Over cooked and dry, and not much variety: shrimp, squid, swordfish. The three S’s of Mui Ne seafood. Well I’ve got three more for you: soggy, scorching and scratchy! …aw well, make it four: Scrabble! You’ll play a lot of it if you come to visit here this time of year! =)

So we tried also last night to stay awake past 7pm., a tough endeavor for us, but we managed, even after Mike took 2 Benadryl for the ungodly number of mosquito bites he has all over him. I’m not getting bitten as much, thankfully.

Upon waking this morning, we walked to our new favorite place for breakfast. They actually serve something that doesn’t come with a baguette, so we both ordered that: fruit bowl with yogurt and muesli, as well as some Vietnamese coffee. We shared that and an omelette two mornings ago, and it was great. The coffee came and we were chatting about what to do if the wind doesn’t pick up and it continues to rain. We’re thinking about heading to Bali for the rest of the month if things here don’t pick up, and maybe head back here later in the year when the rains have died down.

Breakfast arrived at the table, a lively bowl of local watermelon, pineapple, banana, yogurt and muesli. I sat admiring the simple yummieness (yes, it’s a word!) of it, and realized that there were tiny little bugs crawling on the muesli! Mike’s was the same, so we sent them back. I think the girl just opened a new box, scraped off the old stuff and poured on some fresh cereal, because when I got to the bottom of my bowl, there it was, the lonely carcass of one of the tiny bugs…probably drowned in yogurt. I was completely grossed out. I won’t be ordering the fruit bowl again, and would certainly think twice about going back there again.

Back at the hotel, there is a swarm of dragonflies buzzing over and around the pool area. I think it’s a sign…this is biblical. They carried away a small child. …not that I mind, but I think the parents did.

Enough is enough.

As the plague of dragonflies swarms around me blotting out the sun, I book a flight to Bali, and hope for some FREAKING WIND!

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lol "sweating like a whore in church" I know how that feels... I mean...sitting in a room with rats.. :-P

Bali yay! Sounded like you had one of a trip in Vietnam. But that's part of the fun!

Keep on Kiting!


by xcoldsunx

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