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May 2008

Birthday Dinner

French Japanese Fusion, not your every day sushi croissants!

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El Paseo in Mill Valley, California was the location of my birthday dinner last Saturday night.

Mike treated me to a lovely five course tasting menu with wine pairings, coffee and dessert. The place isn't visible from the street, you have to walk down a cobblestone walkway (which is TREACHEROUS in high heels!) between a few buildings, to the entrance of the restaurant. The clientele seemed a bit stuffy to me, but the food...ah the food!

We had split pea soup served in little shot glasses, foie gras with pureed artichokes (served with a glass of 1960 port wine), snapper with caviar, and duck with roasted endive. Every bite made my eyes close, and every sip of wine was like a rush of tingly dancing bubbles on my tongue.

As we sat eating course after lovely, sumptuous course, we could overhear a table behind us getting louder and louder. Mike drew my attention to their table about halfway through our 3-hour dining experience to show me why. There between the 5 of them were about 7 empty bottles of wine...and they were still going! I must admit that I, too, was feeling a bit tipsy...after all, we did drink about a bottle and a half of (really REALLY good) wine each! That of course made the trip back to the truck even more treacherous over the cobblestones, but luckily Mike was steady, and we made it unscathed!

As if this weren't enough, I also got a 2005 Harley Davidson Buell, Firebolt as a birthday gift from Mike!
Of course, he got one too! They're fun and FAST! We'll greatly miss them while we're on the road.

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This place called Earth

...so many things to learn, so many cocktails to try!

sunny 18 °C

In true KimPossible style, I took myself out for lunch today after selling an old motorcycle helmet on craigslist - to a place called Pacific Catch on Chestnut Street in San Francisco. The food is AMAZING...let me tell you. I truly LOVE this place! Best to go for lunch though, as the dinner crowd is, well, crowded! Between 2 and 4pm you can get a seat at the bar or a little table in front and basically have the place to yourself. However, you can put your little name on a list in the evening, and then saunter over to a nearby watering hole to prime the plumbing for the tasty fresh catch.

Today I had a rice bowl with grilled Mahi-Mahi, and a pineapple salsa that was WAY too spicy for my delicate palette! =) ...maybe I should have had more beer? As I sat drinking my 21oz Sapporo I had a brief conversation with a local named Chris, who happens to be a windsurfer. We talked about the joys of voluntary (or otherwise) unemployment and the doors it opens later in your life, believe it or not. Traveling is a choice that anyone can make...it's the things we tell ourselves we CAN'T do that hold us back. He has made a similar journey in his life to the one I'm about to make, and made note of the fact that most people when confronted with the knowledge that "I just quit my job to go travel for an indeterminate amount of time" will have a physical and visceral response...something like "Ooooooh maaaaan! I WISH I could do something like THAT!!! (while cringing and wincing)" Well, I say: Do it, damn it! You only go around once, and don't look back & say "gee if only I had..." If you really want it, you'll find a way to do it!

Anyway, I intended to try some lovely imbibement (come on, poetic license please!) that I saw on the menu after my Sapporo, but ended up with yet another Sapporo plopped down in front of me just after my fellow traveller left the restaurant. Thanks Chris!

This planet is my home, and I intend on making as many people smile every day as I possibly can...even if the only person that happens for is ME!

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